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The results achieved within the City Regions project reflect the activities carried out since 2009. The partners shared an understanding of spatial planning as an ongoing process, and they felt responsible for the preparation of “living” documents, which are broadly supported and applied in practice.

During the regional conference held in November 2014 in Leipzig the partners agreed to consolidate governance structures established so far. Rules and responsibilities for the provision of data and for the assignment of contact persons were specified, and a joint strategy paper was adopted as guideline for future cooperation.

Final report (PDF - 5 MB)
Pilot action final report (PDF - 2,6 MB)
Pilot brochure DE (PDF - 1,8 MB)
Regional work paper (PDF - 1 MB)

Database of significant commercial areas

Areas for commercial and industrial investments of at least 5 ha of contiguous space have been evaluated in a database, based on requirements of branches of crucial relevance for the region.

Information on the data is published at the marketing portal for commercial sites managed by the Leipzig-Halle Economic Region (Wirtschaftsregion Leipzig-Halle).

Database and area potentials (PDF - 1 MB)
Map of potentials (PDF - 3,5 MB)

Strategy paper for the development
of commercial areas

The strategy paper summarises the approach of the intermunicipal cooperation aimed at the efficient development of commercial areas in the Halle/Leipzig urban region. It specifies the current aims of the initiative and describes tools applied or considered by the partners. Governance structures, tasks and responsibilities are explained, and next steps and milestones of the cooperation are outlined.

Strategy paper (PDF - 1,2 MB)
Strategy paper - English summary (PDF - 0,7 MB)


Final publication

City-Regional Partnerships in Central Europe

Leaflets & newsletter

Project leaflet

Pilot leaflet

Transnational newsletter

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This project has been implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.