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Motivation for cooperation

Urban regions are increasingly challenged by a steady growth of population and an increasing demand for space for economic activities and housing. Actions are needed against urban sprawl to protect natural and open areas used for recreational purposes, and the demand for commercial areas has to be answered in a satisfying manner. Innovative approaches and solutions are henceforth needed that require effective and efficient inter-municipal cooperation.

City Regions tackled these issues, focusing on the enhancement and durable institutionalisation of functional cooperation between core cities and smaller cities and towns located in the urban hinterland. Each participating region has been represented by a local public authority of the core city and a partner representing the regional level. Municipalities of smaller hinterland cities and towns have been invited for cooperation as main target group.

During the implementation period from 7/2012 to 12/2014 a budget of € 1.6 mln has been available for partners from Halle/Leipzig, Wrocław, Graz, Prague and Torino.


Work plan and approach

Activities have been implemented in three phases: In the first, good practices have been jointly analysed, and findings have been applied for the planning of regional pilots.

In the second phase the pilots have been implemented, focusing on the introduction of new approaches to govern land use management and transport issues in urban regions. In parallel, impacts of EU strategies and policies on urban regions have been assessed.

In the final phase inter-municipal agreements for the durable establishment of cooperation structures have been drafted in close cooperation with stakeholders and decision-makers. Additionally, conclusions regarding the positioning of urban regions in European strategies have been formulated.

The results of the project have been presented to the interested public during the International Expert Conference on 23./24.09.2014 in Dresden.


Final publication

City-Regional Partnerships in Central Europe

Leaflets & newsletter

Project leaflet

Pilot leaflet

Transnational newsletter

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This project has been implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.