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The pilot project developed the framework and identified the main directions of a metropolitan spatial strategy for the Torino urban region. These directions are based on a set of core issues:

  • New models for urban regeneration projects;
  • Multi-functional metropolitan hubs;
  • Management of the green infrastructure network;
  • Technological innovation towards environmental sustainability and a smarter city;
  • Comprehensive metropolitan mobility planning;
  • Quality of public spaces and the built environment;
  • Innovative financing and implementation strategies.

The proposal prepared within the project is an intellectual challenge which is not in competition with tools for spatial planning as defined by laws and regulations. A reference spatial strategy is an innovative approach, aiming to identify the regulatory and organisational framework, but without a timeframe for implementation. It is a selective agenda of priority policies and projects with a spatial scope, relying on networks of actors and financial framework provisions.

Pilot action final report (PDF - 33 MB)
Pilot brochure IT (PDF - 2,3 MB)
Regional work paper (PDF - 2,5 MB)

Mapping of metropolitan transformation

Analysis of ongoing physical transformation of the metropolitan area based on recent, current and planned urban development and redevelopment projects, which have a meaningful impact – housing and building projects, public spaces, green areas and brownfields. The result is an interpretation of settlement trends at metropolitan level in terms of quality, quantities and spatial dimensions.

Report (PDF - 16,9 MB)
Report - English summary (PDF - 1,9 MB)

Mapping of metropolitan cooperation

Analysis of inter-municipal cooperation projects, with special emphasis on recent and successful initiatives. During the last fifteen years inter-municipal cooperation has flourished in specific functional areas, and in particular with regard to non-personal services (transportation, sanitation, water, etc.). The analysis of experiences contributes to the process of strategic planning of the metropolitan area.

Report (PDF - 1,3 MB)
A.1 - Mapping of cooperations (PDF - 3,8 MB)
A.2 - Analysis of metropolitan regions (PDF - 2,1 MB)
Report - English summary (PDF - 0,7 MB)

Towards a metropolitan spatial strategy

A policy study and guidance document outlining the scope of a metropolitan spatial strategy, including guidelines to trigger the elaboration of a medium-term innovative strategy for the metropolitan area. The document is the result of extensive debates among the 38 municipalities involved, the 10 districts of the city of Torino, the Piedmont region, the Province of Torino, local academia and researchers.

Feasibility study (PDF - 18,1 MB)
Feasibility study - English summary (PDF - 0,3 MB)


Final publication

City-Regional Partnerships in Central Europe

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This project has been implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.