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Cooperation between local governments and the development of regional governance structures for the implementation of joint tasks require the involvement and the commitment of many stakeholders. As a result of various activities that have been undertaken so far, the Wrocław agglomeration is covered with a dense network of initiatives for cooperation in different fields of intervention.

Due to the lack of a binding legal framework for metropolitan governance, coordination of these activities remains a crucial challenge. A continuous dialogue between local and regional authorities is needed in order to moderate contradictory planning ambitions.

Therefore, scenarios for a model of management have been elaborated, specifying tasks, responsibilities and decisions yet to be made. These scenarios, and the results of findings of thematic studies, were presented to stakeholders during a final event in December 2014.

Pilot action final report (PDF - 1,1 MB)
Pilot brochure PL-EN (PDF - 38 MB)
Regional work paper (PDF - 3 MB)

Park & Ride system

The possibilities for the efficient operation of a Park & Ride system have been evaluated, based on the analysis of rail and bus services, spatial planning policies and trends of demographic development. Suitable locations for Park & Ride facilities were identified, and scenarios for the introduction of durable cooperation structures have been developed.

A draft action plan with an indicative timeline and success indicators allows to decide on the implementation of the system.

Park & Ride pilot - Final report (PDF - 8,6 MB)
Work paper on urban transport (PDF - 0,8 MB)

Green infrastructure management

Based on a concept of the spatial structure of natural and semi-natural areas in the Wrocław Metropolitan Area, guidelines and recommendations for green infrastructure deployment and the development of tourism have been elaborated.

They address urban planners, architects and local self-governments and encourage them not only to include green infrastructure components in planning studies and reports, but also to verify and to update existing documents on the development of green and open spaces.

Analysis of needs of inhabitants (PDF - 2,6 MB)
Analysis of needs of inhabitants  - English summary (PDF - 0,6 MB)

Evaluation of the relevance of green infrastructure (PDF - 4,2 MB)
Evaluation of the relevance of green infrastructure - English summary (PDF - 1 MB)

Coordination of pre-school education

Based on the investigation of the current state and expected needs in the field of pre-school education, strategic recommendations and guidelines aimed at better functioning and improved availability of kindergarten institutions in the Wrocław agglomeration have been developed.

The organisational framework is provided by the Charter of the Association of Municipalities and Districts of the Wrocław Agglomeration. It specifies the rules of cooperation and defines the objectives of the Association, among others in the field of social affairs and education.

Study on pre-school education (PDF - 8,7 MB)
Study on pre-school education - English summary (PDF - 1,5 MB)
Work paper on pre-school education (PDF - 1,4 MB)


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This project has been implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.